Q: Do you ever do pop-ups or events? Where I can shop in person? 
A: I do!  Usually in the Hamilton area. You can check my upcoming and past events by clicking here

Q: Is your work sold in any local shops?
A: Yes!  The widest selection of my work is sold at Studio 205!

Q: How can I become a stockist?
A: Let's chat!  Email me at hamontdoodles@gmail.com :)

Q: When are you opening commissions and is there a waitlist I can join?
At this time my commissions remain closed. 
I do not keep a wait list, and all commissions are done on a first come, first serve process. Openings are always announced on my Instagram page

Q: Where are your street banners located?
I have banners lining Barton Street in Hamilton, Ontario, and Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario.  If you are a BIA member looking for custom street banners, please feel free to send me an email hamontdoodles@gmail.com 
*If you see my banners in person, tag me in a pic! :) 

Q: Can you do an interview for my magazine/blog/podcast?
YAS, please email me at hamontdoodles@gmail.com to book.