My Commissions Are Closed, Now What?

I understand how frustrating it can be when you have an idea for a custom piece of artwork, but the artist's commissions are closed.  As much as I would love to be able to take on every project presented to me, there is just not enough time in the day.  Especially while I am still working a full-time job on top of this whole "doodle" thing! Luckily Hamilton is filled with many amazing artists that take on commission work.  I have compiled a list of local artists that I think would do a beautiful job bringing your idea to life.  

Caillin Kowalczyk // Lovesick Designs

You might recognize Caillin's artwork from live painting events like Art Battle, or from some of his work available in the Hamilton Store on James Street North!  Caillin studied art, and illustration at Sheridan College and animation at Algonquin College.  He is a Hamilton based artists who has extensive experience with commissioned work which you can view here.  Contact Caillin directly for commission inquiries by clicking here

Instagram: @caillin.lovesick

Jenna Gregory // Jenna's Doodles 

Jenna has a very extensive collection when it comes to her doodles!  Whether you're looking for greeting cards, prints, house portraits, wedding invites, podcast artwork, or pet portraits she has you covered!  You may have seen her work featured on the Mike on Much Podcast, or stumbled upon her booth at a local festival!  To view more of Jenna's commissioned work click here, and to contact her directly click here

Instagram: @jennasadventuretime

Alicja Pona // Alicja Pona Designs

Alicja is a Hamilton based graphic designer and illustrator.  She is a soon to be OCADU grad who works with a variety of mediums and subject matter!  Alicja has experience in custom work of all types, including house portraits.  To view more of Alicja's work please click here, and to contact her directly click here

Instagram: @alicjaponadesigns

Kayla Whitney // KOE Design

You've probably stumbled across Kayla's work while exploring our city!  Kayla has done numerous murals around the streets of Hamilton.  Kayla hosts many public art events from paint nights, to mural walks!  Kayla does a wide range of commission work including murals, personal branding, workshops and customized commissions.  To view more of Kayla's work please click here, and to contact here click here


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