Hi There, 

My name is Sara, and I am the human behind HamOnt Doodles.  I thought an introductory blog post might be necessary seeing as I get a lot of questions about who and how many people are behind @HamOntDoodles, how it began, and what my art background is.  So here we go. 

My name is Sara, I am 24 years old, and I like to draw buildings, specifically in Hamilton, Ontario.  As flattering as it is that some of you  think I might have an elaborate team behind this Instagram account, I do not.  I typically draw my doodles from my parent's basement while watching concerning amounts The Office.  This might sound sad but I like to think of it as a "humbling experience". 

I started HamOnt Doodles at the end of summer 2018.   My older brother was actually the person who encouraged me to post my work online, so I turned to Instagram.  I started my account with zero expectations, but after a few local businesses stumbled across my art I was left with 400 followers after my first week. This is when it started to sink in that I might be on to something, and I began to pump out a doodle every two days for the following two weeks.  From there, my account has continued to grow, and over the months I began to attend more shows and markets in hopes to make my art more accessible to my followers. 

Doodles is not my full time gig, although someday I hope it can be!  I work full time as a brand manager and content creator for a tattoo and piercing shop downtown Toronto.  My full time job pays my bills, and HamOnt Doodles keeps me sane. 

A lot of people ask me about my schooling or my art background, and the truth is I don't really have any.  I have always loved to draw, but never pursued it as a career.  I went to school for Film and Media production at Humber college, and immediately went into marketing and social media upon graduation. 

Anyways,  I hope this post clears a few things up!  If you have anymore questions feel free to shoot me a direct message or email.  Okay byeeeee!  

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